Privacy Policy

Welcome to EMT Humor, we take your privacy seriously and this policy exists to ensure you know how any personal information you share with us is treated.

1. Data Collection

  • Names and Emails: We collect this information when you sign up as a member. It’s necessary for granting access to exclusive content and ensuring a personalized experience. 
  • Cookies: Like many websites, we use cookies to enhance your experience and gather insights into site usage. Your privacy is paramount, so rest assured, we’re not peeking into your cookie jar. 

2. Use of Your Data

  • Membership Access: Your name and email are used solely to grant access to member-exclusive content. 
  • Email Communication: If you opt-in, we’ll occasionally send you updates and newsletters related to your exclusive membership content. No spam, just relevant info. 
  • Marketing: We may use your information for marketing purposes to sustain the upkeep of our site and continue providing quality content. 

3. Data Sharing

While we don’t hand out your info like treats on Halloween, please understand that data such as emails are stored on third party servers. While we take measures to safeguard your data, we can’t guarantee against unforeseen cyber incursions on those servers. 

4. Your Control Over Data

If you’re uncomfortable with data collection, simply refrain from signing up as a member. Your privacy preferences matter, and we respect your choice either way. 

5. Cookies

This site uses cookies to tailor your site experience. 

6. Age Restrictions

Due to the nature of our content, it is recommended for individuals 18 years and older. 

7. Contact Us

If you have questions about this policy, or how our site uses your info, you can reach out via our Contact Us Page

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