Joe Exotic Saves Second Life

Joe Exotic, the famous star of Netflix’s hit show “Tiger King”, who previously has been voted as EMT Of The Year for 2020 for his efforts in saving an employees life after losing their arm in a tiger bite, has now saved a second life, this one in prison.

It has been said that a fellow inmate in the same prison as Joe Exotic was stabbed in their leg, hitting their femoral artery, and causing mass blood loss.

While some inmates called for help from the guards, some other inmates tried putting pressure on the wound. One even tore off their shirt, attempting to fashion a improvised tourniquet in an attempt to save a life.

Not Joe Exotic though. As arguably the most famous EMT in existence, Exotic knew that time was off the essence. Joe Exotic ran, as quickly as he could, into his cell to grab his EMS bomber jacket.

By the time he got back to the stabbing, now wearing his life-saving jacket, the guards had already gained access and applied a tourniquet to the patients leg, however it was Joe Exotic, and the presence of his EMS Bomber Jacket that really saved the mans life.

We spoke to Joe via a phone call from his jail. “When it comes to saving a life,” Said Joe, “you need to remember the first priority. If you don’t look the part, you won’t be effective.”

“All you need to do is find yourself a stylish bomber jacket, sew some EMT patches on it and pin a large EMT badge to the front, and BOOM, you’re a life-saving hero, and a sexy one at that!”

“I’ve saved numerous lives by wearing this jacket, and I won’t stop just because I’m in jail.”

This article is satire (duh).

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