EMT Scenarios

Interactive Online EMT Scenarios to challenge your thinking and test your skills.

EMT Scenarios

Interactive EMT Scenarios

Our scenarios are interactive and are written by experienced EMTs & Paramedics. 

Here you can put your knowledge and skills to the test without risking any patient lives. Each scenario goes through some discussion at the end including links to read more about the conditions and treatments included in the scenario. 

New scenarios are added each month and updated on an ongoing basis. We use Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) in all of our scenarios and encourage your critical thinking skills throughout. 


How Does It Work?

Each scenario begins with describing a realistic situation. You will be given all the information necessary to the scenario, such as: 

  • Patients Name, Age, Medical History and Allergies
  • Full SAMPLE History 
  • Vital Signs and Other Observations
  • Pictures of Injuries, ECG Strips, etc. 
  • Other relevant information

Once you’ve read through the breif, you begin the interactive quiz component. The quiz will ask you questions about your treatment plan, differential diagnosis and present further situations to you to find solutions for. 

After submitting the quiz you’ll be shown your final score and be able to read a discussion about the patients condition, correct diagnosis and acceptable treatments. 

We will also include links to EBM research and studies to read & learn more on the subject. 


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These scenarios are provided for informational purposes only. Our scenarios, articles and other content are not a substitute for professional training or education. EMT Humor encourages you to further your education with professional training and courses.

Although every effort is made to provide accurate and relevant information in each scenario at the time of publishing, EMT Humor will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, injury or death that may result from following any advice, suggestions or information provided on

We try to provide as much evidence and reference for information provided, and may link to third party websites. We use websites like the The National Center for Biotechnology for many of our references as it’s a centralised location for a variety of health and medical resources. At times we may also link to sites like the Mayo Clinic. We are not responsible for the information on those websites, and we encourage you to undertake further research to ensure you are receiving the most accurate and up to date information available. If you find any errors in any of our scenarios, please let us know.


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