EMT Connected To Real-Life Conjuring Home

The Conjuring was certainly a suspenseful movie, and the story took place in a real-life 18th Century farmhouse in Rhode Island.

The Rhode Island home, which has seen the deaths of seven children over the years has recently been the subject of many paranormal investigations.

After years of research, investigations and reading, we can now reveal that a Rhode Island EMT-Cardiac has been linked to the haunted property.

The EMT-Cardiac attended the farmhouse years ago, at the death of the seventh child, and before the child died, attempted to intubate the boy in an effort to save his life.

As can be expected the EMT-Cardiac mistakenly placed the tube in the patient’s oesophagus instead of the trachea.

Ever since then, many people in the home have felt air forced into their stomachs, making the taunting of Bathsheba feel pale in comparison.

*This article is satire (duh)*

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