EMT Cardiac Provided Care to Kim Jong-Un

The North Korean Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-Un is feared to be in a critical condition, or even dead, following a botched cardiac surgery.

It has now been revealed that an EMT from Rhode Island was flown into North Korea to perform the Intubation of the supreme leader, due to the shortage of anaesthetists in the Country.

While the EMT Cardiac was unavailable for comment, we did speak to one witness who noted that Kim Jong-Un was well cared for under the care of the EMT Cardiac.

“As soon as the EMT Cardiac had Intubated Kim Jong-Un, I noticed Kim began to put on a lot of extra weight, which is a good sign that he felt most comfortable and reassured.” Said the witness, who prefers to remain anonymous for safety reasons.

We are yet to receive confirmation of the North Korean leaders condition.

**This article is purely satire**

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