EMT Cardiac Accidentally Places Tube in Patients Trachea

EMT Cardiac Intubation

A Rhode Island EMT-Cardiac accidentally placed an endotracheal tube in a patients trachea today, in what is being described as the biggest scandal to hit the Rhode Island EMS agency in decades.

“Our EMT Cardiac Staff receive special training in the skill of Intubation,” said Amanda D. P. Throat, Chief of EMS in Rhode Island.

“We train them well enough to place the tube down the patients throat, but not well enough that they can distinguish the trachea from the oesophagus.”

“It’s a tragedy that today’s events resulted in a successful patient outcome, placing more pressure on an already pressured health system. We will have to review our training and protocols to ensure that this doesn’t occur again.”

*This Article is Purely Satire*

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