5 of the Best EMS Boots – What are the Best Boots for EMS?

Best EMS Boots, Why these tactical boots are the best boots for EMS

Here you will find a carefully constructed list of the 5 Best Boots for EMS.

The 5 best boots for EMS are as follows:

  1. 5.11 Tactical ATAC boots 
  2. Bates Ultralite Tactical Boots
  3. Under Armour Valsets RTS 1.54 with Zipper
  4. Merrell Moab Tactical Mid Boots
  5. Thorogood The Deuce Series 8” tactical boots

Finding the right EMS boots can be a difficult task. Shoes are of course, essential items of uniform for EMTs and Paramedics. They help keep us safe, and also help us dress in a professional manner.

Choosing the right pair of EMS boots involves evaluating the features of the boots, as well as the cost and suitability. Usually, this means opting for a good pair of Tactical Boots.

When I was first choosing a pair of EMS boots I must have looked at a minimum of 10 different pairs, trying to find the best set, at the best price. Eventually I found a pair of boots that were suitable for EMS work and weren’t going to break the bank.

As time went on though, that pair got worn out, and when I tried to buy a replacement pair, I found out that they no longer made them.

Back to the drawing board I went.  

Once again, I found myself looking both online and in-store for a pair of EMS boots that would fit nicely with both my uniform requirements and my budget.

Read our suggestions for the 5 best boots for EMS below!

5.11 Tactical ATAC Boot

The 5.11 Tactical ACAP 1.0 Tactical Boots are the best boots for EMS. We have named them the best EMS Boots because of their durability, impressive features and affordability.

5.11 Tactical is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to tactical military and first responder clothing, and their gear is always the highest quality available.

The Tactical ATAC 1.0 boot is waterproof, features a slip resistant tread and a side zipper to help you get your boots on/off in a hurry.

This Tactical boot is designed for combat and military use, so you know you’re getting a durable product that will be robust enough for EMS work.

Taking into account all of their features, they have earned the title of being the best boots for EMS.

I’ve been wearing these for some time, and no matter what environment I am in, they are always up to the challenge. The best part is, if you get any body fluids or questionable materials on them, you can just hose/wash it off. The waterproofing is among the best I’ve ever experienced in tactical boots.

Bates Ultralite Tactical Boot

The Bates Ultralite tactical Boots are a great option for EMS Boots.

The Bates Ultralite boot has a good reputation and provides a comfortable and durable Boot for EMS. It’s second on our list because it’s durable and affordable, but they are not quite on the same level as the 5.11 tactical boots.

Although Bates’ boots are made from 70% leather and 30% nylon, you’ll probably want to consider giving it a waterproofing treatment before wearing them, as it’s important to have waterproof boots.

Hint – You can easily turn your non-waterproof boots into waterproof ones using a spray like this one.

Under Armour Valsetz RTS Boot

Under Armour is a well-known brand, but is not usually associated with Tactical boots like these. They have their faults, but are good EMS Boots.

The Under Armour Valsetz boot comes in as third on our list because although it has an impressive list of features and good performance, it’s not on the same level as the Bates Ultralite or the 5.11 tactical boot.

You probably know Under Armour best for their sports and casual clothing/footwear, and while they still carry the under armour branding, they aren’t their typical product.

Reviews of these boots are mixed, but one thing can be certain. They are a comfortable pair of EMS Boots. Even highly negative reviews have commended these tactical boots for being comfortable.

Unfortunately, they just don’t seem to last as well as the 5.11 tactical boots.

On the positive side, they do offer better toe protection and are extremely breathable, making them a good option if you work in a hot climate. Just don’t expect them to last as long as other tactical boots on the market.

Merrell MOAB Tactical Boots

The Merrell Moab Tactical boots may not be the best boots for ems, but they are still good enough to be considered in the 5 best EMS Boots.

Made of durable ripstop fabric, the Merrell Moab tactical boots make for decent EMS boots.

They are waterproof out of the box, have good tread and are reasonably comfortable. However, they do not offer a side zip, and are not a tall boot. Some people prefer this, but it’s important to look for high quality ankle support when buying boots for EMS.

Thorogood The Deuce Series Tactical Boot

Thorogood Tactical Boots are a great option for EMS Boots.

A good option to use as EMS boots, providing the essential features without overkill. Thorogood has a decent reputation, and the reviews of these boots are generally good.

For the purposes of EMS work, it’s important that our boots are comfortable and waterproof, as well as durable. These EMS boots are certainly comfortable and waterproof, but a small number of reviews have pointed out issues with the quality of the glue, and henceforth the durability of these tactical boots.

Ultimately, most reviews state the boots are high quality but it’s something to be aware of when you are wanting the best boots for EMS.

BONUS TIP: Making Your Boots Waterproof

Having waterproof tactical boots is essential when you want the best boots for EMS, but don’t let that stop you from buying a pair of boots that aren’t waterproof out of the box.

You can simply buy a spray-on water proofer like this one, which makes turning your non-waterproof tactical boots into waterproof EMS boots incredibly easy.

Treating your tactical boots with a Water-proofer will also help them last longer and repel body fluids to make cleaning super easy – all important factors in deciding the best boots for EMS!

Why are Tactical Boots good for EMS?

The term “Tactical” is over-used today. Any piece of equipment painted black that looks cool is dumped into the basket of being “Tactical”. You see the same a lot with EMS Gear & Equipment.

So what are tactical boots?

Tactical boots are simply designed to support your movements and capability to operate in environments where normal boost may not be up to the task.

In terms of EMS Boots, this could be features such as ankle support and waterproofing.

The best boots for EMS also usually feature a side-zipper to help make it easier to get your tactical boots on and off.

Typically speaking, tactical law enforcement and military boots are also well suited to the job of Emergency Medical Services.

Because we enter completely unpredictable environments ranging from streets, highways, woodlands, and peoples homes, we never really know where we might find ourselves, and what terrain we may need to navigate

Maintaining your EMS Boots

Choosing the best Boots for EMS is only part of the struggle. You now need to keep them maintained and cared for well to ensure they last a long time.

Because you’re spending a large amount of money to get these EMS Boots, it’s worth spending a few dollars extra to get some waterproofing spray (read more above) and a decent boot polishing kit.

You should aim to clean and polish your boots regularly, atleast twice a week, but preferably in preparation for every shift.

Not only does this help you prolong the life of your EMS Boots, but also makes you look professional, organised and confident.

Cleaning is especially important in EMS, as we can often end up with blood, vomit and other body fluids on our boots. I have a tap near my front door, and after a shift I always rinse them off well before touching them to take them off. They are then subject to a good clean, and afterwards, a polish.

The polish, in conjunction with keeping them waterproof, also helps to protect them from the harsh cleaning chemicals that you may need to use in order to disinfect them after a bad call.

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