About US

We are a group of EMTs and Paramedics who enjoy EMS related humor, but also recognise that this style of humor is often used as a coping mechanism for stressful incidents. Our aim is to provide a central hub for EMTs and Paramedics to de-stress, have a laugh, and maybe even learn something new. 

Mental Health Awareness is a key focus for us, and we hope that by providing mental health resources in the same location as job-related humor we can help people who are struggling with their mental health to open up, seek help and begin recovery. 

If even one First Responder finds this website useful, then we’ve accomplished our goal. 


Get Involved

Do you like writing? 

We’re always looking for more volunteers to assist us in writing quality articles to be shared on our website. 


To raise awareness of Mental Health in the EMS community, and provide a hub for EMTs and Paramedics to de-stress, learn and be involved.


For the EMS community to be further aware of mental health issues that may affect themselves and their peers, and for First Responder suicide rates to reach zero.

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