The Best EMT Shirts, paramedic Shirts and EMS Shirts

8 of the Best EMT Shirts

If you’re looking for the best EMT Shirts – then look no further! We’ve collated the Best EMT Shirts and Paramedic Shirts all in one place for your viewing and shopping pleasure!

While you’re looking for the best EMT Shirts, make sure you also check out the Best EMT Pants, Best EMS Face Masks and Best Boots for EMS to complete your wardrobe!

You can wear EMS shirts on or off duty, just make sure you follow you departments rules and uniform policy at all times. Even if you can’t wear some of these as an external shirt while on duty, they make great under-shirts!

Find the Best EMS Shirts Below!

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1. The Best EMT Shirt – The EMT Word Shirt

Best EMT Shirts

The EMT Word Shirt is definitely our pick for the best EMT shirt.

Featuring jumbled words and icons this design incorporates a variety of EMS themes to create a stylish and unique EMT Shirt.

It’s also available as hoodies, tank tops and sweatshirts, just click here and choose your desired product.

The same design is also available for Paramedics!

2. I Fight Natural Selection Everyday

Natural Selection EMT Shirt

This EMS Shirt can also be worn as a Paramedic Shirt, or even as a Nurse Shirt or Doctor shirt.

In EMS we are constantly battling against natural selection to save the lives of our patients.

This design symbolises that struggle, and puts a funny twist on it.

3. The Sacrificial EMT Shirt

The Sacrificial EMT Shirt was created during the Coronavirus pandemic when EMTs were instructed to “go in first” to suspected COVID-19 cases, in order to prevent Paramedics being exposed to the virus.

The shirt remains one of the best EMT Shirts and vocalises the issue of how many managers and organisations view us as expendable.

4. Can’t Fix Stupid

Everyone in EMS knows this basic truth – You can’t fix stupid… But you can sedate it…

This EMS Shirt is well suited to both EMTs and Paramedics, and can be worn on or off duty.

5. Don’t Fib… You’ll Get paddled

If you fib, you’ll be in for a shock! This Funny EMS Shirt is modern and stylish, available in a variety of products ranging from shirts, hoodies and even tank tops.

There are a variety of colors available, making it a great option to be worn as an under-shirt while on duty, or even off-duty as a funny shirt that may even prompt an important conversation about Defibrillators and CPR.

6. Here to save your ass, Not Kiss it!

What we all wish we could get away with saying to some of our patients…

This design is definitely among the Best EMT Shirts, and is available in a range of colors, sizes and styles with many products available.

While many departments may not condone wearing this one on shift, you can still wear it as an undershirt, or maybe buy it in a hoodie to wear out and about.

7. Ride the EMT

Never Mind the Ambulance ride the EMT funny EMT Shirt

Never Mind the Ambulance, Ride the EMT Instead! This Funny EMT Shirt features one of the best EMS Pick-up lines ever invented.

A great EMS shirt to wear off-duty. This design is available in multiple colors, styles and sizes to suit every body.

8. Powered By Caffeine

Funny EMS Shirt, Best EMS Shirt

In EMS, we are all powered by Caffeine. This design is a cheeky take on what keeps us going while on the job. Perfect for wearing on or duty, and a great gift to any EMT, Paramedic or even a nurse!

How did we judge the Best EMS Shirts?

We looked for the Best EMT Shirts available, and we weren’t disappointed with what we found!

Firstly, we made sure the designs were relevant, high quality and had good shipping options. We also made sure that they were available in a good variety of size options to suit every body and shape.

Next we checked for the variety of products available for each specific design. You might want one of these designs as a hoodie or a tank top rather than a shirt, and we’ve made sure that that’s an option with the Best EMT Shirts listed above.

After ensuring the sizes and styles had plenty of variety, the next thing we looked for was a variety of colors. Each of the EMS shirts we’ve listed are available in a wide range of color options to suit everyone!

Why do you need an EMT Shirt?

Wearing an EMT shirt, or EMS shirt, can help express some humor about what you do.

Working in Emergency Medical Services can be a stressful, and at times, traumatic job.

Any technique you can use to help reduce the level of stress on the job and to boost your morale can be helpful.

This is where funny EMT Shirts come into play.

There’s nothing quite like being able to make yourself, and your colleagues, laugh – even momentarily – about the funny punchline on your EMS Shirt.

Having the best EMT Shirt gives you a confidence boost, promotes your morale and helps your sense of humor.

Which EMS Shirts can you wear on duty?

This will vary depending on your departments policies.

We suggest that you read your departments uniform policy, or ask your supervisor directl;y if you are unsure.

Usually, you can wear funny EMT Shirts as an undershirt without much trouble, but you should make sure that it’s OK first, and ensure you get the shirt in a professional color and style.

Wearing them off-duty, however, is a totally different situation. As long as you feel comfortable, you can wear them anywhere you like, and share your unique sense of humor with the world!

You will also need to factor in your own taste, and what you find appropriate. In other words, you need to be comfortable with what you are wearing.

But isn’t wearing EMS Shirts frowned upon?

This is another question that the answer will vary depending on the person. Some folks in EMS will say that it’s too cliched or tacky, others absolutely love EMS shirts and find them to be a good way of expressing themselves.

At the end of the day, what matters is what you think.

It will also depend on the environment you’re in, and the environment you’ll be wearing them in.

Personally, I’ve found that EMS shirts can be a great way to share your sense of humor with others, and can be a bit of a conversation starter in some environments.

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