25 of the Best EMT Pickup Lines

The Best EMT Pickup Lines

What can be better than the Best EMT Pickup lines to lighten your mood and make you laugh?

Some of these lines are clever, some are dirty, and some are plain cringe-worthy – enjoy!

25 of the best EMT Pickup Lines

1. Ever Slept with an EMT? Want to?

EMT Pickup Lines Tshirt

This one wins our award as the best EMT Pickup Line – hands down! Yes, you can get your own EMT Pickup Lines T-Shirt here.

2. I’m an EMT – I know your body better than you do!

Just be careful not to say this to anyone more highly trained in anatomy than yourself!

3. EMTs come when people go down.

Well…. It’s true, we do! This EMT Pickup line is full of innuendo, use it wisely.

4. I’m an expert in mouth-to-mouth.

I don’t remember being taught to use tongue on the CPR manikin…

5. I get diaphoretic when I look at you.

Hope you’re wearing deodorant…

6. Are you my appendix? because I have a funny feeling in my stomach that makes me feel like I should take you out!

One of the wittiest EMT Pickup Lines out there! Works better for surgeons!

7. I’m prepared for any rhythm.

Even Asystole?

8. You’ve got 206 bones in your body… Want another one?

I may have actually used this one before… I don’t kiss and tell, though.

9. Call me coronary artery, because I’ll soon be wrapped around your heart.

Cheesy, but some people are into that… Right?

10. Are you COPD? Because you’re taking my breath away.

Someone get a CPAP! These EMT Pickup Lines are just too much!

11. Is your name osteoporosis? Because you’re giving me a serious bone condition.

Better increase our calcium intake….

12. Wanna play dead so I can cut your clothes off and give you mouth to mouth?

Yes, please.

13. If you choke on it, I can save you.

This one really is a cringeworthy EMT Pickup line….

14. Want to help me study anatomy?

That’s how I learnt CPR…

15. You give me premature ventricular contractions.

I think they make pills for this….

16. Nobody else can cut off your clothes and restrain you like a medic can…

Well, except for cops…. they’ve got us beat there!

17. Mind if I take your temperature? You’re looking really hot!

In pandemic times, this might come off more as an insult than a pickup line… Use with extreme caution!

18. I’m used to staying up all night…

Honestly, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry that this is one of the best EMT Pickup Lines…

19. Can I buy you a drink? It’s the least I can get you after giving me a priapism!

This one’s great, until you have to explain what a priapism is…

20. Normally I wear an N95, But I’d be happy to wear you on my face instead!

BTW, if you’re looking for an EMS face Mask, we have them!

21. I’m experienced with multiple partners!

Sounds like something Barney would say…

22. Trust me, I fix broken hearts.

Guaranteed to get some raised eyebrows from anyone who works in cardiology…

23. I know how to find every pulse in your body

This one’s fun, until it turns into an anatomy lesson…

24. Wanna try and drown out the siren?

One of the best EMT Pickup Lines, but it also works for Fire and Law Enforcement…

25. You must be my coronary artery because you’re wrapped around my heart.

Works best when drunk – and even then it’s unlikely!

Let us know if any of these EMT Pickup lines work for you! While you’re here – check out the Best EMS Jokes!

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